"I feel that when I play, I'm creating a story people will remember forever"

Elexys now attends West Catholic Preparatory high school as a junior an is still involved in the Play on Philly program. Elexys is also a recipient of the Paul Buttermore scholarship which gave her a free trip to Canada to further her studies on the bassoon. Recently, she was named a Philadelphia Music Alliance for Youth artist, where she received the chance to meet the Mayor of Philadelphia! She is also an active member is the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, where she is challenged to the best of her ability. She attends rehearsal once a week for three hours. “What I love most about PYO is the mature natural of the music they give us and the environment. I love trying new things, and learning how to play hard parts. It gives me an insight on how professional orchestras are run.”

Elexys hopes to continue playing music in college, grow as a musician, and maybe one day teach bassoon to other young artists.

This is Elexys's sixth year playing the Bassoon. She started playing when she was 11 years old, and has enjoyed it ever since. She was reluctant a first to join Play on, Philly at her middle school, but is thankful she did. “I love how my instrument sounds, especially the low register. I also loved how unique it looked. It was also an instrument I had never heard of before, so that made me want to play it even more.