The Primavera Fund's mission is to promote diversity in classical music through mentoring and financially sustaining the musical ambitions of young promising Philadelphians

In 2014, Rachel Segal, David Segal, and Kenny Bean came together to solve a problem. All three had spent their lives in and around music, and all three had come to the same conclusion: talent should never be lost because of financial circumstances. Becoming a professional musician is not easy. it takes talent, drive, and persistence. It also takes having the right tools and the right guidance. For too many young musicians, these essentials are out of reach. The Primavera Fund removes these barriers and ensures access to the superior music education that Philadelphia provides.  

Music is a powerful vehicle for finding one’s own voice in the world, and profound change can happen when the tools for success are given to young, deserving people. We at the Primavera Fund believe deeply in the talent that lives within our city, and that investing in our city's youth is an investment in the future of Philadelphia.


Watch our video to learn more:

Inspiring Excellence: The Primavera Fund Dream