Aundrey Mitchell coaching Adam Brotnitsky during a Sterling Masterclass

Aundrey Mitchell coaching Adam Brotnitsky during a Sterling Masterclass



Our Impact on the Future


According to the Philadelphia Department of Education, in 2016 only 70% of high school seniors in Philadelphia were graduated. Of those, various studies report between 20 and 60% of them as matriculating into college. The college completion rate is even lower. 

Studies consistently show that the #1 predictor of success belief in oneself. When somebody else believes in you, especially when that person is a respected professional and a mentor who takes a particular interest in and puts energy into your development, it is far easier to believe in yourself.


Preparing our Artists for a life in music


Our number one goal is to prepare our artists for a life in music. Through focused, individualized attention and a creative approach to goal setting and progress, we produce competitive, successful graduates.

We have sent our graduates to Rowan and Temple Universities, Ithaca College, and Mannes School of Music. One of our seniors has already been accepted into the Royal College of Music in London, another into the University of Maryland and DePaul University. Quite frankly, they always had this in them, but our complete devotion to our Artists’ progress results in them believing in themselves, and therefore succeeding.

Our Sterling masterclass series brings world-renowned musicians like the Concertmaster of the Buffalo Philharmonic, a famous film scorer from LA, and the principal Clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic to Philadelphia to meet and coach our Artists. World-renowned soloist Rachel Barton Pine will lead the Sterling Masterclass in June. This series has already resulted in two full scholarship acceptances to an intensive summer music program in Vancouver, Canada. Other Primavera Artists will spend the summer performing at Carnegie Hall and tour Europe as part of the National Youth Orchestra of the United States, and will participate in an international conducting program in Romania and Greece. 









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Intensive Summer Program Access


Every Primavera Artist is given the opportunity to attend intensive summer music programs in idyllic settings throughout the country and across the world. We partner with Kinhaven Music School in Vermont, Brevard in North Carolina, and Interlochen in Michigan, as well as with Curtis Institute of Music for Summerfest. 

Two of our Artists will travel to Vancouver, Canada this summer, and another will have the opportunity to see Romania and Greece as a participant in an International conducting program. Akili Farrow will perform at Carnegie Hall and on an International tour as the only violinist accepted from Philadelphia into the prestigious National Youth Orchestra. 

Many of our Artists had never left the city before attending these summer programs. For an inner-city teen to experience not only a true camp experience, but to meet, perform with, and forge life long friendships with other young musicians from all over the world is an experience like none other. 

Through great partnerships and our commitment to underwriting all associated costs, our Artists consistently come enriched and showing tremendous growth both musically and personally. They also get the opportunity to perform with some of the most prestigious soloists and conductors in a relaxed and casual setting. 


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Every great work of art begins with the right tools.


Lily Mell trying out violins at David Michie Violins

One of the bedrocks of our program is The Norman Holland Hull Instrument Library. We provide professional, high grade instruments to each Primavera Artist with funds generously donated from the estate of Dr. Norman E. Holland Hull. These instruments range from good student models to top of the line professional instruments.

Our Artists frequently audition on instruments that come from school programs, which they do not own and which are in terrible disrepair. One can not excel when using broken tools. Our instruments allow our students to succeed as musicians and provide a competitive edge when auditioning and performing.


A lover of life's finer pleasures, Norman filled his homes in Philadelphia and Bucks County with wonderful examples of classical art and furniture. He loved all of the sensory pleasures of life - taste, smell, sight, and most of all hearing, and believed in the arts scene of Philadelphia and wanted to be part of its legacy of excellence. 

The Psychiatrist for Graterford Prison for more than thirty years, Dr. Holland-Hull's guidance was so valuable tohis patients at the prison that they held a memorial service for him after hearing of his passing. Norman cared for his mother for most of his life, supporting her until the end.  We are forever in his debt for allowing us to provide this opportunity to the youth of Philadelphia in his memory.


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