When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed
— Maya Angelou

Friends Circle $100-$500

Your gift can provide a year's worth of violin strings, a cello bow, a clarinet mouthpiece,

or all of the sheet music one artist could ever need.

Musicians Circle $501-$1000

Your gift can get an Artist to music camp, provide a year of Youth Orchestra, help us purchase a violin or cello bow,

or a protective flight case for an instrument.

Concertmasters Circle $1001-$3000

You can provide a Primavera Artist with an entire year of private lessons, a fine flute, clarinet, or oboe,

or an excellent violin, viola, or cello bow!

Soloists Circle $3001-$5000

Send an Artist to a music festival for an entire summer!

This gift will come with a personalized postcard from your Artist while at Brevard, Interlochen, or Kinhaven Music Festivals! This gift changes lives!


Conductors Circle $5000 and more

Our average overall cost per Artist per year is $9000. This gift can provide all of the above and more! 

You will be invited to observe a private lesson with an artist, a masterclass, and will receive a personalized thank you from a child whose life has been forever changed by your generosity. 

Whose life will you change today?