I also take every opportunity I can to perform. I have received the Marian Anderson Grant 3 years in a row, and had the privilege to be invited down to Miami for a week to attend the Miami Soloist Symposium.  I have been a member of Philadelphia Sinfonia, Musicopia String Orchestra, PRYSM and Dali String Quartet Chamber Orchestra. Aside from orchestras I also enjoy quartets and trio’s that I attended at Settlement Music School. I have attended the Dali String Quartet Camp for 3 years in a row over the summer as well as Litchfield Jazz Festival for 1 year. I am currently enrolled in the Philadelphia Clef Club for jazz and theory that I attend every Saturday.

Music to me is a pathway for me to channel my emotions good or bad. It’s a joyful outlet that of which I can express my ideas onto other’s through music. Not only that but music is a whole new world that teaches you to work with others and communicate along with, life skills that help build your character. Playing an instrument takes such discipline the discipline to practice effectively and efficiently. Along with that it teaches you dedication to stick with what you start even if it doesn’t come out right the first few times, and that can take you a long way.

I am Maxwell Chambers and I am 15 years old. I have been playing the violin for 5 years I can honestly say that I that there is nothing else that brings me happiness. Not only do I practice 4-6 hours daily, but I also study with Rebecca Harris, freelance violinist and baroque violinist in the Tempesta de Mare ensemble, with the extremely talented Diane Monroe for Jazz and Jazz theory, and formerly with Kim Fisher, the Principal Second Violinist in the Philadelphia Orchestra. My inspiration and motivation not only come from my teacher’s greatness, but also from my single mother and seven siblings. My family supports my gift fully and they push me to break reach the outer limits to further my success. In my free time, I occasionally go to jazz clubs to play with older more experienced players for open mic night.