Our Impact

According to the Philadelphia Department of Education, in 2016 only 70% of high school seniors in Philadelphia were graduated. Of those, various studies report between 20 and 60% of them as matriculating into college. The college completion rate is even lower. 

Studies consistently show that the #1 predictor of success belief in oneself. When somebody else believes in you, especially when that person is a respected professional and a mentor who takes a particular interest in and puts energy into your development, it is far easier to believe in yourself.



Primavera Artists since we began

We started with three Primavera Artists in 2014. Since then, 29 young musicians have been helped to realize their dreams through our mentorship and support.



graduates currently in college

Our graduates are prepared for the realities of a life in music, with a varied skill set and a strong work ethic. Our graduates have been accepted at top colleges and conservatories for music.



Success rate

Of our graduates who have applied to collegiate music programs, 100% have been accepted, most with full or near-full tuition scholarships.