Providing the tools for success


a living legacy

One of the bedrocks of our program is our Instrument Library.  We provide professional, high grade instruments to each Primavera Artist with funds generously donated from the estate of Dr. Norman E. Holland Hull. These instruments allow our students to excel as musicians and provide a competitive edge when auditioning and performing.

A lover of life's finer pleasures, Norman filled his homes in Philadelphia and Bucks County with wonderful examples of classical art and furniture. He loved all of the sensory pleasures of life - taste, smell, sight, and most of all hearing, and believed in the arts scene of Philadelphia and wanted to be part of its legacy of excellence. 

The Psychiatrist for Graterford Prison for more than thirty years, Dr. Holland-Hull's guidance was so valuable tohis patients at the prison that they held a memorial service for him after hearing of his passing. Norman cared for his mother for most of his life, supporting her until the end.  We are forever in his debt for allowing us to provide this opportunity to the youth of Philadelphia in his memory.