The bigger the orchestra, the more Caleb is enamored     to play his own part.

Caleb Becker loves to listen; to any kind of music you can find, to audio books in fiction and history, to the rumble of the street and to the natural whispers of the Wissahickon Trail. He has memorized a wide variety of Scripture through his church's memory work program. The words and ideas always connect through listening. 

Caleb's first memory of the flute was as a kindergartener at The City School listening to the skillful playing of his school's music teacher, renowned musician Ruth Naomi Floyd.  Living just a mile from Salvation Army's Ray and Joan Kroc Center, located in the Nicetown section of the city, Caleb began studying flute there at age 9 through the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra's Tune Up Philly program. His instructor, Elijah Thomas, was a inspiration to his playing. Accompanied and encouraged by his mother, Caleb has found himself as the only child in the crowd while visiting some of Mr. Thomas's local concerts. After only two years of Tune Up's group lessons Caleb was accepted as one of the youngest members of the regional Philadelphia Young Musicians Orchestra. Continuing at PYMO and joining in local ensembles will be further ways he hopes to grow as a musician. He is grateful and excited for the opportunity to receive his first regular personal lessons ever through the Primavera Fund under the instruction of Chelsea Meynig. 

When not playing flute, Caleb loves rock-climbing, traveling with his family, and being a member of the strategic gaming club at his school. He will be 13 years old this winter.