Music defines who I am, and I feel most fulfilled when I dedicate my life to it. It has helped me grow as a person, and continues to teach me valuable lessons every day.  It has always been my lifelong dream to pursue a career in music, both performing and teaching in the classroom. I believe that becoming a teacher is one of the most important roles in the musical world, because we prepare the next generation of young musicians by passing on our knowledge and experiences to them. 

I first picked up a musical instrument when I was merely six years old. For me, this instrument was the violin. I learned the basic foundations of reading and writing music, while applying it to playing the violin. I had decided to become an instrumental music major when I was in sixth grade. Although I had never had private instruction at this point in my life, I decided to go along and continue to pursue my dreams of becoming a musician and teacher. I played throughout my grade school years and attended my freshman year of high school, still as a violinist. I have had the unique pleasure of working alongside world renown cellist, Steve Kramer. Him and I have worked together once a week, playing Bach duets in which we eventually performed at the Barnes Museum in Philadelphia.

My sophomore and junior year of high school brought on many more opportunities, to which I sprung head first to accomplish these new challenges. At this point in my career I still did not have any private instruction, but this still did not stop me from accomplishing feats that many would have given up on without professional help. I've had the amazing opportunity to perform at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts alongside YouTube sensation "The Piano Guys". My sophomore year was also my first year auditioning for The Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra (PYAO). Upon my audition, the adjudicators were intrigued by my work ethic, and that I had accomplished most of my playing on my own. My junior year, I auditioned for the Philadelphia All-City Orchestra and had became associate principle of the second violin section. Towards the end of my junior year, I had been accepted into The Primavera Fund, in which I had more motivation than ever to keep pursuing my career in music. I now have the distinct pleasure of having private instruction with Daniela Pierson, who urged me to make a switch in my studies from violin to Viola. She had indicated that I have the unique style and playing characteristics of a violist, and this was yet another challenge I had decided to take on. 

Although I have only been playing viola for a short time, it has become a new part of me. While I loved playing the violin, the viola brings something to my playing that I have never felt before. Viola is meant for me because It has made my drive towards music even stronger. I have served as the principle violist of PYAO, and assistant principle of All-City orchestra. I have played in the Kimmel Center's Verizon Hall many times, and also have had some community service performances with a violin trio. I have participated in a string quartet, as a violist, under the instruction of Ms. Rachel Segal and The Primavera Fund with fellow artists Akili Farrow and Raven Burkhalter.  

I was graduated from the Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter High School with a 4.3 GPA, the highest average for a instrumental music major. Over the summer I had the opportunity to work along some amazing musicians at Brevard Music Center, where I studied with Ms. Jennifer Korzoroz, a graduate of The Juilliard School and former student of Karen Tuttle, and performer with the Milwaukee Symphony. I also had the distinct pleasure of being led under the baton of Maestro Keith Lockhart and Maestro Ken Lam while working alongside some incredible musicians in the concert orchestra. 

I am currently attending Temple University's Boyer College of Music and Dance as a double major in music performance and music education as a student of Ms. Kerri Ryan, who is Assistant Principal Viola of the Philadelphia Orchestra. As I look forward to what the future holds, I know that one thing is always certain...Music will always be a part of it.