"Music, to me, is a gateway to happiness."


My name is Gregory Miguel Padilla and I am 16 years old. I started playing bass around 5 years ago. I started getting lessons and I began to really enjoy it. Once middle school started I realized that music was going to be a major role in my life once I achieved first chair in All City Middle School Orchestra. During my 7th grade year I began to study with Benjamin Blazer of Temple Community Music Scholars Program, and played in his orchestra. 7th and 8th grade I achieved first chair in Orchestra and even played in all city middle jazz. I now attend the Philadelphia High School for Creative And Performing Arts. My freshman year I was granted first chair in All City High School Orchestra, and began studying with Joseph Conyers of the Philadelphia Orchestra. My sophomore year has been the most rewarding yet. I now play with the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, earned a spot as an All-City Fellow, and was named Co-Principal of All City Orchestra. In addition, I was accepted into the Youth Chamber Orchestra of Temple Prep, made District, Region, and State Orchestras, named a PMAY Artist, and was accepted into Luzerne Music Center's Senior Session